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 Don't just guess.....get the test!!  Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine Vitamin. Statistically, less people get colds and the flu in the summer.   Want to help your immune system???????

  Make sure you get plenty of Vitamin D.  How do you know your levels?  We can do a simple blood test to check your Vitamin D3 levels and see if you are in range or need to supplement.   Vitamin D has many benefits, including bone growth, maintenance of bone density, essential for utilization of calcium by the body, and enhance your immunity.  Call today if you want to see if Dr. Brady or Dr. Knox can order the test for you!!!!   

Why Chiropractic Care in the Winter????

                                  Why should you see your chiropractor during the winter??

A Chiropractic adjustment can help strengthen the immune system of your body. Your health may be compromised in the cold, but proper communication between the brain and spine can be improved by taking the pressure off the nerve with chiropractic adjustments.

When your spine stays properly aligned, you should have less joint discomfort and better ability to stretch and warm up your muscles. If you injure yourself in sports, your chiropractor will help you recover faster and allow you to resume your activities through the winter with adjustments and by rebuilding your coordination and strength.

Besides the cold and flu, sometimes depression is more frequent in the winter. A chiropractic adjustment helps individuals with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) by stimulating the nervous system and regulating hormone production.

Feel your BEST with chiropractic care!!

Pinched Nerve??

Do you have a Pinched Nerve?   Call for an appointment with our chiropractor, Dr. Brady, to let him exam you and find out.